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Yorkshire blog : Little Blonde Life

Yorkshire blog: Little Blonde Life

This week I would like to feature the blog Little Blonde Life. It features food, music, fashion and beauty, trips out, product reviews and general musings on life. I challenge anyone to read this blog and not fall in love with Sammie's fun and bubbly view of life. She shares beauty and fashion picks and her daily song playlist.

Yorkshire blog: Little Blonde Life

So here's a bit about Sammie and her blog...

Brief description of yourself and your blog.
My blog is a lifestyle/personal blog, I started my blog as a diary and although I've been working on it for 6 months now it's still my little piece of pride and joy and never finished. I love blogging as it encourages me to do more things and explore new places, as well as introduces me to new places through other blogs. 

How long have you been blogging and why did you start?
I started my blog in January 2013 as a diary for myself. It quickly grew when I discovered more about the world of blogging. 

Favourite place in Yorkshire?
It's a typical one I suppose but I love a good day out by the seaside and love Scarborough. I would say sitting on the top of the cliffs is one of my all time favourite places. 

Favourite place to eat out in Yorkshire?
A new place to Leeds but it has to be Reds True BBQ what recently opened in the city centre. 

Favourite Yorkshire recipe?
My Nana's Rhubarb crumble (top secret of course) 

Do you have any hidden gems in Yorkshire?
It's definitely not a hidden secret but it is a gem so I will have to say Bettys Tea Room. 

Favourite Yorkshire celeb?
It's no secret to anyone I'm a massive fan of a certain boy band and with the majority of the band been from Yorkshire I'm going to say Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik (One Direction). Am I aloud 2?

Favourite Yorkshire saying/slang?
T' e.g. I'm of t shop. (Not really a slang word but it would sound weird pronouncing it any other way)

Yorkshire blog: Little Blonde Life

Yorkshire blog: Little Blonde Life

Please pop by and give Sammie's blog a visit. She's a lover of food. I love her newest posts reviewing places to eat out. Plenty of puddings. A girl after my own heart!

If you would like to be featured on the Yorkshire bloggers blog, please visit the join section and email through your answers to the questions. 

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