Monday, 10 June 2013

Deli Delight : Lunch at Mannion & Co, York.

Today I am going to reveal to you a very special secret of mine - the best place for lunch in the whole of York. I stumbled across it with a friend, hungover and hungry, on a day out shopping and we were instantly enticed by the huge meringues filling the window. We ventured in and were greeted by a delightful deli and cafe, where we tried some tea and pork belly sandwiches and never looked back. The cafe is quaint and lovingly decorated with kitsch and vintage items - it's exactly my style and I love the small, intimate feel of the place. Now, I always take visitors to York to Mannion & Co and last week I took my parents for lunch there :

We started off with tea - great quality; my Dad even had real blackcurrants in his loose-leaf tea, and served in cast iron teapots which keep your tea piping hot for the whole meal. We then ordered the Deli Sharing Platter and a sausage roll. The Deli Sharing Platter is, in my opinion, the best thing on the menu, as you get to try a little bit of everything and I love 'picky' food to share as a fun, communal meal. Plus, if you pick your friends right to compliment your likes and dislikes, nothing is left uneaten! The platter arrives on a massive plank of wood and attracted stares from every corner of the tiny cafe, prompting orders for "what they've got" from nearby tables.

The best sausage roll I have ever tried! And now for the platter...

It makes me hungry just looking at it! We stuffed ourselves with a variety of cheese, salami, home-made bread, balsamic vinegar, capers, olives, salad, sundried tomatoes, pork belly and thick-cut ham. Each time you go to Mannion's the platter changes slightly, depending on what they have in the Deli, and you are guaranteed to be satisfied. The platter is just £14, and we shared it between three people and we were still (unfortunately) too full to try some of their tempting cakes. 

However, if you still have room, you must try one of their giant meringues. Served with not only clotted cream but double cream too, alongside fresh berries and almonds, it is a giant of a pudding and simply delicious. Yummy!

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  1. Sounds and looks delicious Jess! Definitely somewhere to look out for when I'm next in York.
    Anna x