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Coffee Duran, Leeds.

Coffee Duran, Leeds

I find that most articles about eating out tend to focus on big evening meals or more expensive places, and when you go on a shopping trip to a city and want to find somewhere good for a drink and a quick bite it can be difficult. Obviously chains like Starbucks and Nero are in every city but I find myself continually underwhelmed by them, and rather annoyed that I've spent so much.

So I want to share with you one of my favourite places in Leeds City Centre. My boyfriend and I came across it completely by accident when we were looking for somewhere to eat after we moved into our new flat, and have fallen in love with it. We are regulars and have a chat with the owner every time we go in, but don't worry he'll be extremely friendly to all customers new or not.

Coffee Duran, Leeds

Coffee Duran is on York Street in Leeds centre across from the bus station and, although it looks completely underwhelming, the food here is phenomenal and extremely cheap! If you're just nipping in for a quick bite - as we usually do - I suggest the homemade burger. It's always fresh, perfectly cooked and the paprika seasoned chips are to die for. Although if you're wanting something a bit lighter there's a whole selection of Mediterranean food available for you as well as the old English favourites.

Coffee Duran, Leeds

I'm not one that usually rants and raves about how great somewhere is (in fact I'm usually the opposite) but this is my favourite place in town, and I'm pretty sure the pictures speak for themselves. You should give it a go. 

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