Thursday, 30 May 2013

Worsbrough Mill and Country Park.

Over the bank holiday weekend, we went for a walk around Worsbrough Mill and Country Park. We regularly walk around Worsbrough Mill, as there are a few different gentle walks around there. It allows me to get a little fresh air and exercise, without it feeling like a chore.

When I was younger, we would come to the Mill with my school. I remember finding it really exciting hearing the huge chug and swish of the waterwheel, the grind of the massive millstones and seeing the bags of flour bursting through a trapdoor in the floor. The Mill is still fully operational, and you can watch them milling on bank holidays and the last Sunday of the month. You can also purchase the flour that is made in their shop.

Worsbrough Mill and Country Park is free, but parking costs £3 for the day. The Mill is on the Transpennine Trail, and is a nice place to stop for refreshments, as part of a longer journey. I would ride along the Transpennine Trail as a child, with my family and neighbours. There would be nine of us riding in a long snake along the paths. I was inevitably always lagging behind at the back. It really is great for young children and those of all different abilities, as the terrain is relatively smooth and flat.

If you like to spot wildlife, there is plenty to see. There are bird watching huts scattered around the reservoir and fishing facilities also.  I love seeing all the wildlife around the park. Unfortunately, I am often too busy chatting to grab my camera in time. On our last visit, there was a heron perfectly posing for me, but as I was nattering to my mum, I was not quite quick enough to capture it. Also, if you love animals you should visit the nearby Wigfield Farm, complete with cafe, farm shop, a variety of animals (including cute meerkats), golf and play area. Admission is £3 for adults and £1.50 for children.

What I like most about having a stroll around the Mill is the friendly atmosphere as every person utters some sort of pleasantry when you pass them. There is a calming and peaceful atmosphere. Well there is most of the time, but as a child we would play with lazer guns and sensors, running and hiding behind the obliging trees and foliage. I'm sure we managed to disturb plenty of fishermen in our time!

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