Thursday, 23 May 2013

Welcome to Yorkshire Bloggers!

Hello I'm Rebecca, and I am very new to the blogging game. I come from South Yorkshire, and as I was starting my blog, My Pretty Yorkshire Life, I started looking for other Yorkshire blogs. I found it really difficult to find many. This was when I thought it would great to have a little community of Yorkshire bloggers, who can share their passions, and insights into blogging.

The hopes for this site are to:

  • Create a list of Yorkshire blogs.
  • Have guest posts from Yorkshire bloggers.
  • Feature reviews of Yorkshire blogs.
  • Create a forum for Yorkshire bloggers to chat.
  • Create events for Yorkshire bloggers to meet.
  • Find hidden gems for Yorkshire day trips.
  • Share Yorkshire recipes.
  • Feature beautiful photography of our beautiful county.

If this interests you please use the Join section of the blog to see how to get involved.

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