Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Yorkshire blog : Little Tip Off

This week I would like to feature the Yorkshire blog Little Tip Off. Now I am particularly in awe of this blog, as I am a bit of an anxious nail biter. I wish I could have lovely nails, and every so often I treat myself to fake ones, but nothing this spectacular. Each set of nails is a work of art. They are truly beautiful and I think you will agree Amy is superbly talented. I think she should get tweeting some trendy celebs as I can see Pixie Lott and Fearne Cotton sporting her creations!

Here's a little bit more about Amy and her blog...

Brief description of yourself and your blog:
I'm 23 and currently studying an English Literature MA, and along with writing, nail art is a big hobby of mine. My blog consists of original hand painted designs and step-by-step tutorials, so as well as showcasing my recent manicures it allows to other people to pick up tips and try their hand at nail art too.

How long have you been blogging and why did you start?
I've been blogging since March 2013, so Little Tip Off is still in the early stages. Starting a blog just seemed to make perfect sense - I love writing, and I love nail art, so it was a no-brainer really!

Favourite place in Yorkshire?
Definitely the village where I'm originally from, Askham Bryan, which is just on the outskirts of York. I also love the city centre, it's the prettiest city around!

Favourite place to eat out in Yorkshire?
Askham's Bryan's pub, The Nag's Head. It's a wonderful combination of a good old local and a high end gastro-pub, with an amazing menu and a lovely laid-back feel.

Favourite Yorkshire recipe?
Bora Bora Cocktail Bar's recipes are definitely a favourite! I'm also a big fan of chip spice, which you only tend to get in Hull... If you ever find yourself there, you HAVE to try chip spice!

Do you have any hidden gems in Yorkshire?
My boyfriend and I love going to Fraisthorpe beach in Bridlington. It's much quieter than the main end of the beach, and is a perfect spot for photography.

Favourite Yorkshire celeb?
I could be a massive English Lit. geek and say the Brontës, but I think I'm going to go with Arctic Monkeys!

Favourite Yorkshire saying/slang?
Saying 'dinner' instead of 'lunch' and 'tea' instead of 'dinner'. 

They are so inspiring and she takes you through each design step by step. There is really no excuse for us to not all sport her set of Wimbledon nails to celebrate Murray's win! Please support a fellow Yorkshire blogger and stop by and visit her blog

If you would like to be featured on the Yorkshire bloggers blog, please visit the join section and email through your answers to the questions. 

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