Sunday, 21 July 2013

Castle Howard

Our day out at Castle Howard last week was brilliant - I am told I went there in the early 80s but don't remember it at all - which made the revisiting even better!
so here are my images of the day in blisteringly hot sun, in preparation for the heatwave we're still experiencing (11pm as I write this and it's Oh sooooo hot!).

beautiful flowers everywhere
secret gates and tunnels galore
and finally the great house itself - and the BBC were filming Death Comes to Pemberley
the amazing and beautiful Atlas Fountain

the wild boar - which it seems is a listed statue!
great old gnarled trees
and to our surprise - a fabulously relaxing boat trip on the Great Lake

 followed by a walk to the rather wonderful 'Temple of the Four Winds'
 and then back to Pam and Graham's in time for a fabulous afternoon tea
Coming home we travelled down wonderful 'Hockney-esque' lanes - blossom just finished and the trees in their full greenery - just like those fabulous paintings at the Royal Academy last year

Gill - Bright Fields

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  1. Was just asking my OH if we should see what castle howard is this week and then this popped up :) looks stunning! I'll add it to my list :)